Monday, January 14, 2008

Teenage Lightning


This is an animation that I did my first semester sophomore year for a Modern Art class. (why i put so much work in to an art history class is beyond me). We were to choose an piece from what we had learned that semester and create our own piece in a medium of our choice based on it.

I chose this thing, called Teenage Lightning, a Rubbing made by some dude. I think his name was Max Ernst, idk.

Either way, I decided to make a 3d piece , and in about a month I modeled , rigged, textured, animated, and rendered this!:

feel it

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DaveHan said...

hey will, this is dave (dunno if you remember me). but anywho....sweet! both of the previews you've posted so far are pretty awesome, lookin' forward to the final product! XD