Thursday, April 3, 2008


!After many sleepless nights, thesis is complete!! I plan to make changes so be very critical and tell me what you think this needs so i can make it perfect! I will try to get a higher resolution version up asap

Listen with your speakers on! The music was done by Josh Evensen, an awesome composer and guitar player. Check him out at

Laura Lee also helped me out with a texture, cause she is great!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Shut up Shayne

This is for Shayne Ryan, who likes to complain I haven't put anything up.
There are still no textures on the Mayflies, and the Beetle's texture is no where near finished, so it looks like a turd, which is why I haven't posted anything. But I guess this is where I'm at

Monday, January 14, 2008

Teenage Lightning


This is an animation that I did my first semester sophomore year for a Modern Art class. (why i put so much work in to an art history class is beyond me). We were to choose an piece from what we had learned that semester and create our own piece in a medium of our choice based on it.

I chose this thing, called Teenage Lightning, a Rubbing made by some dude. I think his name was Max Ernst, idk.

Either way, I decided to make a 3d piece , and in about a month I modeled , rigged, textured, animated, and rendered this!:

feel it

Mannequin Sneak

Check it, yo

This is a quick animation with a sneaking mannequin, i think my junior year. There was almost no real rig on this character, just some Iks for the arms and legs.

Nothing to do with my thesis, but hey, why not?

Old Run Test

This is an old test animation with the old version of my mayfly character. He has since been almost completely remodeled.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Anim Test, woo

Check it, yo. So I started my "blog" a little later than everyone else, so here is my animation test that i just handed in. I pressed the magic easy button in mental ray to get the ballin lighting (physical sun and sky). Pay no attention to the tree that disappears in the background. This is still not a finished product as far as animation goes, so i would love to get some constructive crit from anyone who has an opinion.

Peace YO